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Fotobabble is one of the easiest web applications I've found, and I can already think of tons of ways you can use it with your students. I can't wait to see what ideas you have!
I said it was easy. I meant it was easy. Just 3 easy steps:
  1. Upload a photo
  2. Record your voice
  3. Share your Fotobabble
See? That was easy!
You will need an account to create Fotobabbles, but that's easy too. Once you are all set up, click the Create a Fotobabble link at the top of the page. Give your creation a title, then browse to find the photo. Make sure you have a mic plugged in, click the big orange Record button, then start talking. Click Stop when you're finished and you're pretty much done! You can email the link to someone or you can copy the embed code and put it right on your Schoolwires page.
The only downside I see is that it does have a public gallery, which means you may or may not see something inappropriate. I've spent quite some time looking at their examples and didn't see anything too bad, but it is a possibility and you may want to plan accordingly.
Check out Fotobabble I created about the larva stage of the butterfly lifecycle here.

Here's a list of ways you might use Fotobabble in the classroom. Please add comments below of ways you have already used it or hope to use Fotobabble!
Fotobabble in the Classroom
  1. Life Cycle Illustrations - students can explain (verbally) the different stages of a life cycle  - see my illustration!
  2. Famous Inventors - upload a picture of an inventor or the invention and students can talk about its importance
  3. Book Review - upload a picture of the student reading their favorite book and have the student tell why it's their favorite and why others should read it
  4. Types of Clouds - kids can upload pictures of cloud formations and explain what type of clouds they are and what their characteristics.
  5. Presidential Pictures - students can talk about accomplishments and important events that happened during their presidencies
  6. ABC's - students can take or find pictures of things that represent the different letters of the alphabet
  7. Welcome to your School or Classroom - upload an appropriate picture and let your students welcome others
  8. Poem Illustrations - give students a poem, let them find or take a picture of something they feel represents the meaning behind the poem, then they can record themselves reading the poem
  9. Writing Slogans or Jingles to sell a product
  10. Point of View - have several students use the same picture, but tell what is happening from different points of view
  11. Inference - what is the hidden meaning of the picture?
  12. Vocabulary Illustrations - students can take or find pictures of things to illustrate vocabulary words
Don't forget to send me your own ideas!

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