Tech Tip Tuesday ... Online Timers

Do you give timed quizzes or tests? Do you need a way to visually remind students how much longer they have for Centers time? There are several different online timers available that might make things a little bit easier in your classroom.

E.gg Timer is a super simple interface. Just type in the amount of time you need and click Go and watch it count down to zero.

ClassTools.net has many, many great tools including this timer. The thing I really, really like about it is that you can set a "soundtrack" to go with it. Just use the dropdown window at the top to select a song. It will automatically set the timer to the number of minutes of the soundtrack, but you can be changed to fit your needs.

Online Stopwatch allows you to choose to count up from zero (click the UP arrow) or count down to zero for a specific amount of time (click the DOWN arrow). Like the others, this one is very simple to use.

Now, this one is totally a different than the others. Sometimes we all just need 2 minutes of calm. Give this a try during your planning period (if you have 2 minutes), lunch break, after school, or even at home tonight!
Do Nothing for 2 Minutes

How do you use online timers in your classroom? Do you have another one we should add to this list?

Labor Day Infographic

This infographic might be helpful when talking with your students about Labor Day and the American worker this week.

(Click the graphic to go to the original page with a little more information.)
Infographics: Labor Day
Courtesy of: CreditDonkey


Microsoft Products for less than Ten Bucks???

Yes ... it's true!

You may have heard about this in a summer inservice or from your CTI, but it's so exciting that I wanted to share it here too! Because of our partnership with Microsoft, EM-S ISD staff will be able to purchase Office 2010 for PC, Office 2011 for Mac and Windows 7 (Operating System) for home use for $9.75 each!

(I know it's almost too good to believe, but I've tried it and it works!)

To take advantage of this fabulous deal, go to ems.onthehub.com. You will need to register with your EM-S ISD email address and your email password. After you verify your account information (via email), you will be ready to buy!


Happy New School Year!

Can you believe it's already the first week of school??? This week is filled with plenty of excitement, smiling children, piles and piles of school supplies, new schedules and routines, and lots of tired teachers. (Tired, but happy ... right?)

I've been looking forward to today because it's the first official Tech Tip Tuesday of the 2011-12 school year! I am excited to share "techy" things with you this year. Today's tip (scroll down to the next post) is all about Internet Browsers. Some weeks I may share simple little tips. Some weeks I may share resources specific to your curriculum areas. Some weeks I may cross-post on the EM-S Tech Tips blog about our many Windows Live resources. Most of these tips will be shared as a Tech Tip Tuesday (you know, cause it's a catchy little title), but you'll also want to check out the blog on days other than Tuesday! You just never know what I'll post!

What types of things would you like to see on this blog? Leave a comment below!

Internet Browsers

The internet is the internet is the internet. In the simplest terms, it's just a big network of computers and servers (from all over the world) that are connected, allowing the exchange of information.  In order to access this information, you use a piece of software that is loaded on your computer called an Internet Browser.

Even though there are lots of internet browsers out there, I will focus today's blog post on just a few. As a teacher in our district, you are probably most familiar with Internet Explorer (you know ... the blue 'E' on your desktop). This year, you also have Firefox (by Mozilla) loaded on your school computers. A third (and my current favorite) is Chrome (by Google). Chrome is not loaded on your school computer, but you can download it. Each browser provides the same information, because it's all "the internet".  The browsers just look and act a little different. Do you have a favorite? Be sure to leave a comment below.

Now ... why in the world would I devote an entire post to internet browsers??? (I'm so glad you asked!)

Certain sites behave differently on certain browsers. In district, you can access your Windows LIVE account on any of the three browsers, but it typically works better in Internet Explorer. Skyward warned us a few months back that Chrome was the preferred browser for non-teachers who need access to Skyward Educator Access (administrative peeps). Our paraprofessionals and auxiliary staff need to use Firefox to check in and out with Kronos. 

Don't get scared ... you don't have to remember which site works with which browser. Just be aware that you have options. If a site isn't working correctly for you, try accessing that site in a different browser. 

The image below just makes me giggle a little bit. I know ... nerd humor ... but, it's still kinda funny.  I don't even know who Christopher Nolan is, but he sounds cool!

Leave a comment below with your favorite browser!


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