Tech Tip Tuesday ... Animoto

Animoto is one of my absolutely favorite online tools. (I know, I know ... I say that about a lot of sites, but this one is really super cool!)

In just a few short and easy steps, you can create an awesome end-of-year music video that is sure to amaze your students, parents, co-workers, neighbors, administrators, etc. (it's guaranteed to impress!) You upload the pictures, short video clips, and music. You can even choose music from their own collection. Animoto [magically] analyzes your pictures and music, adds fun transitions, and waa laa ... you've got a music video!

In order to do a full-length video for FREE, you will need to sign up for an Animoto Educator account. It takes a day or so to get the account created, so be sure to sign up today at  www.animoto.com/education.

To create your own full-length Animoto, you will need to sign up for a [free] Educator account at www.animoto.com/education. It can take a day or two to receive the email confirmation of your new account, so you'll want to sign up right away.

Non-teacher-types can create free 30 second videos, but to create full length videos, there is a fee. For educators (that's us!) it's FREE! You will need to reapply for your educator account every six months, but Animoto sends email reminders and it's relatively painless. =) 
Animoto Ideas for the Classroom (for teachers or students)
  • All About Me project at the beginning of the year
  • Field Trip Presentation
  • Advertisement/Commercial for upcoming school events (carnival, book fair, etc.)
  • Introduce/Conclude a Curriculum Unit
  • Digitial Storytelling
  • Vocabulary Flashcards
Can you think of other uses? Do you have any Animotos posted to your website? If so, please leave details in the comments so we can check them out!


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