Tech Tip {Wednesday} ... Let's Go Live!

I hate to make excuses about not posting on Tuesday of this week, but ... it's a super busy week in our department because we are finally getting to be out on campuses and share exciting news with you all! If you haven't already met with me (or your district IT) about our transition to Windows Live, you will soon!

Windows Live is basic enough that you're going to be able to get in, look around, and figure things out (after we give you the specific details about Windows Live IDs, passwords, etc.), but I wanted to give you a few more resources that will be helpful during the transition and as we begin fully implementing Windows Live during the first week of May.

www.emsisd.com/live is a site we've developed that should be your first stop for LIVE resources. You will find direct links to your Email Inbox, Web Applications, and your Skydrive. You will also find a copy of the Computer Use and Data Management Policy for our district. It's a good idea to brush up on it! Scroll down further on the page to find several short video tutorials from Microsoft that will be helpful as you begin using these new tools.

EM-S ISD Tech Tips is a new blog that will be used to share helpful hints about Windows Live as well as other district systems. Check it out now to see posts about these and other topics:

  • How to use the District Address Book in Live 
  • How to Change the View in your Live account (because really ... who wants a plain white page when you can make it pretty???) 
  • How to change your Display name! (This will be especially helpful for those of us who go by a different name than our legal name. You cannot change your actually email address, but if you go by "Sandy" instead of "Sandra", you can change your display name so that it appears the way you want it in the Address book.)
If you have questions about the tranistion or how to do something in Windows Live, please leave a comment here or on the EM-S ISD Tech Tips blog.


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