Tech Tip Tuesday ... Screen Shots/Clippings in Word 2010

There are lots of ways to take a screenshot of your computer screen. There are many third-party programs that you can download to use and there's even a button on your keyboard that will do it! However, Microsoft has added a super easy way to take and insert screen captures into a document.
In Word 2010 (or even PowerPoint or Excel!), click Insert Screenshot from the Insert tab.

You will see a preview of any open windows on your computer. If you want to insert a full screenshot, just click on the one you want. If you'd rather take a smaller "clip" of something, then select Screen Clipping. The document you are working on will immediately minimize, and the computer screen will fade a bit. With the new cursor, draw a box around the part of the screen you want to use. When you release it, that image will be inserted in your document. 

It's really easy ... give it a try!


Kathy said...

AWESOME! Thanks Cindy! I have recently discovered a snipping tool on my work computer (guessing it came with the Windows 7 upgrade) and use it quite often! This will come in quite handy at home and work. Can't wait to show the guys!

Kathy said...

Works on Excel too!!

Dayna said...

Thank you for sharing! I use Word everyday and never even noticed that feature!

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