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technology rocks seriously One of my new (to me), favorite blogs is Technology Rocks. Seriously.

Shannon, an Technology Integration Specialist from College Station ISD, shares all sorts of creative ideas. She has tons of printables that would be perfect in a classroom, the halls, and even in the teachers' lounge!

She recently shared one of the best printables I've seen. It's creative, it's fun, and it's so appropriate for our students (and all of us!) Before we Facebook, Text, Tweet, or Blog, we need to THINK.

When you click the image above, it will take you to a site called Scribd. Click the download link, log in with either your Facebook account or a Scribd account (you can create one for free). Click the Download link again, and you will get the option of saving the file as a pdf or a text document. I always choose PDF. 

Shannon has uploaded so many great printables - some are great for the classroom, some are family and religious printables, and she even has a category for Sonic drink addicts lovers!


Mrs. Shepherd said...

So glad I happened upon your blog through Pinterest. I am your newest follower!


Shannon said...

So I clicked on a pin that took me to your site from Pinterest and as I was reading through your archives, imagine my surprise when I happened upon this post about ME! Oh my goodness- how funny is that? Thank you for your sweet words- you made my night! :)

Cindy Tucker said...

Shannon, I'm thrilled you found the blog! I enjoyed seeing your posters in several of our schools this year. Thank you for making them available for so many to use. =)

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