Keep Getting 25GB Free Storage Space in Skydrive now!

When our district transitioned to Windows Live last year for email, calendars, web apps, etc., we were excited about having 25GB of free storage in SkyDrive.

Microsoft has been making some pretty significant changes (including mobile apps and SkyDrive for Windows.) Recently, Microsoft reduced the size of most SkyDrives from 25GB to 7GB. Chances are, you were NOWHERE near reaching capacity, but if you act now, you can keep getting the 25GB free space by manually upgrading it. (If you already had more than 4GB of data in your SkyDrive, Microsoft already upgraded you to the 25GB plan.)

Upgrade from 7GB to 25GB Free Storage
  1. Log in to SkyDrive (You can also get there by going to live.com, More > SkyDrive)
  2. Click the link that says SkyDrive's free storage is changing - claim your free 25 GB
    If you do not see this link, look for the Manage storage link on the left


  3. Click the Free upgrade! button for the SkyDrive Free option.


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