Tech Tip Tuesday ... The Hat

"I'm first!"
"Pick me, Pick me!"
"I never get picked ... it's not fair!"
"My turn!"

If this sounds like your classroom, then you definitely need to check out The Hat. It's a simple but handy little utility that offers a fun and easy way to automatically determine a random order from a list of any amount of names. You can even use it to pick individual names for raffle and sweepstakes winners, etc. or pick pairs of names for deciding random partnerships, complete with cool animation and sound effects. 
To load on your computer, follow these simple (one-time) directions:
  1. Click Run, Run, Next
  2. UNCHECK the option to load the Harmony Hollow toolbar, click Next.

    Harmony Hollow Software Toolbar
  3. Accept the User Agreement (after you've read it, of course), click Next.
  4. Click Next, Install.
  5. Click Finish and you're all set!
Add your students' names by clicking the green button. You can even import them if you have them saved in a text file or copied to your clipboard.
The Hat
To select a student, click Shuffle and then Stop. The name at the top of the list is "it!"
You can save your lists to use again later. 


Courtney Chenault said...

I love this! It certainly beats writing everybody's name on sticks! :)

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