Tech Tip Tuesday ... Online Timers

Do you give timed quizzes or tests? Do you need a way to visually remind students how much longer they have for Centers time? There are several different online timers available that might make things a little bit easier in your classroom.

E.gg Timer is a super simple interface. Just type in the amount of time you need and click Go and watch it count down to zero.

ClassTools.net has many, many great tools including this timer. The thing I really, really like about it is that you can set a "soundtrack" to go with it. Just use the dropdown window at the top to select a song. It will automatically set the timer to the number of minutes of the soundtrack, but you can be changed to fit your needs.

Online Stopwatch allows you to choose to count up from zero (click the UP arrow) or count down to zero for a specific amount of time (click the DOWN arrow). Like the others, this one is very simple to use.

Now, this one is totally a different than the others. Sometimes we all just need 2 minutes of calm. Give this a try during your planning period (if you have 2 minutes), lunch break, after school, or even at home tonight!
Do Nothing for 2 Minutes

How do you use online timers in your classroom? Do you have another one we should add to this list?


Josh said...

I love online stopwatch. I normally use the fullscreen version but if you go to their home page (http://www.online-stopwatch.com/) they have some other cool modes like a bomb timer, interval timer, and even a metronome.

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