If you're looking for a quick and effective way to communicate with your parents (or other groups), you may want to check out Remind101. Many of our teachers are already using  Remind101  as a safe way to send text messages to parents for FREE!

As soon as you set up a free account, you will create a class. You can create up to 10 classes with your teacher account. A code will be generated from your class name. You send home the code and a phone number. The parents can text that code to the number to join the group.

Cool reasons I like  Remind101 :
  • The teacher is the only one that needs an account!
  • No texting plan? No problem! Parents can sign up with their email address to receive messages via email.
  • A simple instruction sheet can be generated right out of Remind101 for our parents that may need a little "tech help" signing up. (It's a PDF, so it can be printed or emailed home.)
  • Teachers send out the text once and all of the members of the group will receive it.
  • Phone numbers are kept confidential (Teachers don't see them and Group Members don't see them either!)
  • Group Members cannot text each other or text you back. 
  • Yep ... there's an app for that! 
This short video tutorial shows you exactly how Remind101 works:
What can you send via  Remind101 ?
  • Reminders (permission slips due, planners signed, picture day, etc.)
  • Alert the parents that grades have been updated online
  • Invitation to PTA meetings, Open House, Curriculum Night, etc.
  • Share special class announcements
How else would you use  Remind101 ?


Cindy Tucker said...

We just heard that there's an Android App coming soon! If you'd like to be notified when it's available, please email contact@remind101.com and ask to be added to the "Android App Notify List".

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