10 Minute Mail

Are you tired of getting all that spam (unwanted email) in your inbox or even in your junk mail folder?

10 Minute Mail is a site that will issue you a temporary (and I do mean TEMPORARY) email address. 

Why would I ever need this???

I'm glad you asked! There are a few different reasons you might need a temporary email address. Maybe you want to sign up for a site which sends a validation email. Give them a 10 Minute Email address, grab the validation email, then check out the site. If it's not something that interests you, no worries ... they don't have your real address!

You can also use this to sign up for an online service without committing yourself to all kinds of updates, newsletters, and emails that start, "Here's something you might find interesting ..."!

Okay, now that you're convinced that you need it, here's how easy it really is ...

You will see your new (temporary) email address

As long as you keep the window open, you will be able to see any new emails that come to this address (like the validation emails, etc.)

If you need more time, you can easily request an additional 10 minutes by clicking the link


Anonymous said...

That's a really neat idea! Thanks for sharing.

Josh Davis said...

Here's another email related site that might be of interest. I use this on occasion for reminders: http://futuremail.bensinclair.com/

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