ITS Meeting in Birdville ISD

My colleagues and I had the pleasure of attending the first ITS (Instructional Technology Specialists) Meeting for Regions 10 and 11 today. What a great group of people who all do the same thing, and what a great opportunity to share some of the things we do in our district and [even better] hear about great things happening in our neighboring districts!

Becky and I presented today about one of our favorite and most popular inservice classes - Tips, Tricks, and Freeibes ... OH MY!!! And yes, we did the "hand motions" each time we said "Oh My", and we got almost all of the other 80-something people in the room to join in the fun! =)

I learned about so many things today that I can't wait to play with and share with you all! Here are just a few ...
Oh, and just SO MUCH MORE!


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