Tech Tip Tuesday ... How do you???

Today's Tech Tip is going to be a little different - I'm asking for YOU (yes, you) to share the tips! 

We are very fortunately in our district that most of teachers have a document camera in their classroom that they can use any time. The rest of the teachers will have one very soon or at least have access to several of them on their campuses! 

Here's where the "YOU" get to participate! Please leave a comment on this post about a way you actually use your Document Camera in your classroom. It doesn't have to be anything fancy at all - just share practical uses.  

Go on, you can do it ... just click the Comments link below, share your helpful tip, and click Post Comment. As soon as I "approve" it, it will show up here on the blog! Comments are welcomed from anyone - even out of EM-S ISD people! 


Becky said...

Don't have a big book? Just put your regular book under the doc cam and voila! =)

Jonathan Wylie said...

Here are some ideas that I have collected on document cameras and how best to use them


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