Tech Tip Tuesday ... Study Jams!

Scholastic has done it again - check out Study Jams! Study Jams is an FREE learning tool that's perfect for 3rd-6th graders to experience math and science topics by using real-life examples in a super cool online environment.

There are currently over 200 Jams available. Today's Most Popular topics are Volcanoes, Photosynthesis, Combinations, The Universe, and Creating Equations from Word Problems. (You can even Sing Karaoke in the Equations topic - how cool is that???)

Each "Jam" has a video or slide show that include step by step explanations for all kinds of math and science topics, key vocabulary terms, and a quiz where students can practice what they have just learned.  

Study Jams! can be used in a multitude of ways - students can watch them at a computer center in your classroom, you could take your students into the computer lab and let them explore at their own pace, or they can be shown on your data projector in your classroom. Choose what works best for your students.

Have you used these with your students? What did they think? Which one was their favorite Jam?


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