Tech Tip Tuesday ... Zoom.it!

Zoom.it is a fun online tool that allows you to create and share large images in a totally zoomable format. Each picture is assigned a nice short URL or you can easily embed large images in your class website, blog, or anywhere! It's almost TOO easy!

Check it out ... Click into the picture below, drag it around, use your mouse-scrolly-wheel (yes another technical term) to zoom in or out, or click the "Toggle Full Page" button in the lower right to see it full screen!

Now that you love it, I'm sure you want to know to to use this great tool!
  • Find a picture online somewhere (or upload your own picture somewhere); right-click the picture and click Copy image URL
  • Go to Zoom.it
  • Paste the URL into the Hit Create
Seriously. That's it! 

When your Zoom.it is complete, it gives you a couple of options of ways to share it. Send someone a link, Embed it onto your webpage (like I did here), or even post it to Facebook, Twitter, etc.

Check out this additional example using a NASA photo.

And here's how I did it ... step-by-step!

If there is a full-size image available, click on it.
Right-click on the [full size] image, and Copy image URL.

Paste the URL into Zoom.it and hit Create.

If you create a zoomable image to use with your students, I would love to see it! Be sure to leave the link in a comment above (right beneath the name of this post).

I read about Zoom.it here!


GG said...

Getting excited!!!

When I do my Georgia O'Keefe study I have the kids observe how she takes a small part of an object (ex. center of a flower) and makes a giant painting of just that small portion.

I always get LOTS of objects & pictures for kids to look at & try to pick a PIECE of them to do for an art project.

Zoom.it will be perfect to show a screen sized demo!!

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