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Even though we're home today (enjoying a snow day!), I still wanted to share this site with you today. In fact, maybe you'll even have some time to play with it! (You didn't have other plans today, did you???)

Mixbook is a great online tool for creating all kinds of books - digital scrapbooks, class yearbooks, personal journals, ABC books, etc. Whether you use this tool at home or in the classroom, you will love it!

And guess what??? If you create and order a book in the next two days, you can use the coupon code "BEMINE30" to get their 30% off Valentine's Day special! (Doesn't have to be a Valentine's Day book - use the discount on anything!) Offer ends Wednesday, Feb 2!

Creating the book is really quite easy - I suggest you pick one of their amazing templates. If you want to adjust anything (resize a picture, add a picture, delete a textbox, etc., just do it!)

The really, really great thing is that you have several options of how to "publish" these books! You can publish any books online for anyone to see. Send your students and their parents a link, and they can go right to your book, "flip" through all the pages, add comments, and they can even edit their own pages!

Wanna see some examples??? (I found these in the Mixbook Gallery)

2010-11 in Ms. Naugle's Classroom - cute book displaying some of the fun (and "techy") things Ms. Naugle's students have done in class

Over the Meadow - cute story book using STUDENT CREATED ART!

10 Influential American Authors - what a great idea! Instead of a simple pen and paper writing assignment, let the kids create! They will still learn about the authors!

Vertebrates - What??? Using a "language" tool to teach Science? Yep! Be sure to check out this student's book about vertebrates and see another example of how hand-drawn art can be used!

Geometry Scrapbook - what a fantastic idea! Students can use a digital camera (or the one on their phones!) to take pictures of real life examples of geometric shapes, angles, terms, etc. then create a MixBook with the pictures - make sure they use text to explain the shape. Fun idea, great final project! Look how I can even embed it on a webpage ...

| View Sample Photo Books | Create your own Photo Book

Okay, as you can tell, I really like this site! I can't let this opportunity pass without showing you the MixBook I did for a Christmas present for my mom! I designed it online for anyone to view, but I purchased 3 copies of the hard-back book. I was super impressed with the quality!

Wanna see more Alaska? (fyi - it's colder HERE today than any of the current temperatures of the places we visited in Alaska!!!) Click here to see my Alaska book!


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