Tech Tip Tuesday ... ABCYa!

I've been so focused on our transition to LIVE these days that I wanted to share something totally unrelated to email or calendars! If you've never visited ABCYa!, you're missing out!

ABCYa! is fantastic site for interactive, educational activities that your students (mainly K-5) are sure to love. A few of the activities are highlighted on the site, but if you're looking for activities for a specific age group just scroll down and click on the appropriate grade level.

The activities for each grade level cover all core subject areas as well as computer education too! This would be great for the kids in the computer lab, at the student computers during center time. If you're lucky enough to have an interactive projector or any other type of interactive equipment (SMARTboard, Mimeo, etc.), be sure to try this out on the big screen in your classroom!


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