Tech Tip Tuesday ... Creating Desktop Shortcuts

Today is kind of a cross post from our new EM-S ISD Tech Tips Blog. During our current email transition from Groupwise to Windows Live, one of the most often asked questions I've heard is, "Will there be a shortcut on my desktop for our new Email?"  The short answer is "No."  The long answer is, "No, but it's really easy to create your own desktop shortcut."

That being said, this doesn't just related to email. You can create a shortcut on your desktop to any site you visit frequently. There are several ways, but this is my favorite:

  1. Go to the desired site.
  2. Minimize your window (if necessary) to be able to see a little bit of your desktop in the background.
  3. Drag the icon in front of the URL to your desktop.
  4. Right-click the icon to rename it if desired.

Now you've got EASY access to this or any of your favorite sites!


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