Tech Tip Tuesday ... Shape Collage

I'm excited to share a FREE, fun, automatic photo collage maker with you this week. Shape Collage is a free, downloadable application that creates super fun photo collages using your own images or images from a webpage that can be used on websites, sent as an email attachment, or printed.

  • Download and Run Shape Collage from www.shapecollage.com
  • Add Photos (drag and drop them in the left pane or File > Add Photos)
  • Adjust shape, size, and appearance in the pane on the right side of the Shape Collage dialog box
  • In the Status pane (middle), click Preview
  • Make any necessary adjustments, then click Create
  • Name and Save your image as a jpg, png, or psd (Photoshop)
Shape Collage Demo Video

I'm sure you and your students will love Shape Collage - give it a try!


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